Joshua Elbaz Avatar
Joshua Elbaz
1/26/2023 - Google
I have been seeing Dr. Iskol for 18 years. As always, wonderful visit. Best dental practice in Gwinnett County.
1/25/2023 - Google
If you hate going to the Dentist, then you’ll love coming here! 30+ years and counting. Hands down, no matter what you have done, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the prompt, professional, caring “family” of dentistry.
Khaleel Best Avatar
Khaleel Best
1/25/2023 - Google
I love the dentist and all the nurses there. They are very sensitive to the needs of the patient.
Robert Bradshaw Avatar
Robert Bradshaw
1/19/2023 - Google
Great staff , great doctors
Natalie Alvord Avatar
Natalie Alvord
1/18/2023 - Google
My son and I had an amazing experience with Carla and Marla (hygienists), and Dr. Fisk! We had our cleanings done a few weeks ago and it was such a relaxing environment. And thorough! I felt like Dr. Fisk took time with me to get to know me and gave me options and suggestions for treatment. I had multiple fillings and a crown done yesterday, and I thought I would for sure be sore today, but I am just fine. And pleased! We live half an hour away and there’s plenty of dental offices between here and there. Make the drive; it’s worth it!
Kathy Negidono Avatar
Kathy Negidono
1/13/2023 - Google
I have never been less than 100% happy with the level of care, courtesy and professionalism provided by the doctors, hygienists, assistants and staff at Above and Beyond. Dr. Iskol and his team are wonderful. Even though they are outside of my insurance network, I’ve been in their care for 20 years and would never consider going to anyone else. Thank you! You are all truly Above and Beyond! 😊
Mila C. Avatar
Mila C.
1/12/2023 - Google
I've been seeing Dr Iskol for 34 or 35 years. Both of our children had their first dental visits with him. I love coming to this dental office, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Our hygienist Carla is the best and of course Dr Iskol is "above and beyond" ❤️
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Colleen Chambers Avatar
Colleen Chambers
1/10/2023 - Google
The Drs. and hygienists always provide exceptional care and have for over 20 years. Today was no exception. In particular, Tammy took extra time to ensure I was comfortable during my cleaning. Highly recommend Above and Beyond Dentistry!
Therese Palkovic Avatar
Therese Palkovic
1/04/2023 - Google
When I visit this office, the staff is always friendly and so courteous. Efficient, too! I am always confident in the care I receive and my treatment but most of all my smile! The BEST!
Gene Fulcher Avatar
Gene Fulcher
1/04/2023 - Google
They are the best. My family and I have been using Dr. Fisk for over 8 years. He is amazing and his staff is top of class. They always make you feel welcome and care about you.
Sherry Briggs Avatar
Sherry Briggs
1/04/2023 - Google
You are treated with such love and care everyone is so friendly You almost feel like you're part of their family I would highly highly recommend this dentistry
Karen Mccullough Avatar
Karen Mccullough
1/03/2023 - Google
Always a pleasant experience. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Keith Erickson Avatar
Keith Erickson
12/21/2022 - Google
After trying several other dental offices, I've finally found the one!
Barbara Thompson Avatar
Barbara Thompson
12/12/2022 - Google
5 star care!thank you for a great appointment
Dana S. Avatar
Dana S.
12/07/2022 - Google
The staff is kind, helpful, and personable, and Dr. Fisk is phenomenal. The moment he began consulting me, I knew that I had made the right decision. Great dental practice!
Laura Morton Avatar
Laura Morton
12/01/2022 - Google
They are always so nice and accommodating! They have blankets and neck pillows to make you comfortable during your procedure! Each of the therapy rooms have a beautiful garden view!
Rachel S. Avatar
Rachel S.
5 star rating
12/12/2022 - Yelp
This is a great dentist place. My husband typically gets huge anxiety visiting a dentist and he said they made him feel supper comfortable like no other dentist. He highly recommend this place!
Lenny L. Avatar
Lenny L.
5 star rating
4/16/2022 - Yelp
Dr. Low is my absolute FAVIE Doctor of Teeth I've ever had! He is very intuitive and will spend time chatting before an appointment just to make sure everything is cool in your life. The staff is also very calm and qualified in my opinion. Love you guys!
Debbie M. Avatar
Debbie M.
5 star rating
9/20/2021 - Yelp
Absolutely delighted with this dentist and his staff. After being terribly disappointed in the last dentists office I went to, this office is warm and friendly and so kind. One dentist, so no more of being shuffled from new dentist to new dentist. I was very happy with the first visit and how professional it was, even for a 'dentist wimp' , like me. I get white knuckles sitting in 'the chair,' They were kind and compassionate. I am so pleased to say this is my new dentists office 5 STARS from me
Rene' L. Avatar
Rene' L.
5 star rating
9/15/2021 - Yelp
I went to Above and Beyond Dentistry two weeks ago and had an excellent first appointment. Today I heard from them for an on time follow up that they were faithful to do. At my first appointment I was so impressed as they did a very thorough interview to find out about all of my concerns, and my dental goals. I shared with them that I have a lot of anxiety from past dentist experiences even as a kid. Also that I have an underlying health condition that causes pain in my face and gums. Maria listened well and took lots of notes. I was impressed when the dentist Dr. Lowe came in, that the technician, Maria, was able to relay all my information back to him from memory. Dr. Lowe is also very thorough, attentive, professional, positive, friendly and concerned about my issues. He gave me very good feedback and presented a plan for me that I approved and we started that day. I had x-rays, a very good cleaning from Maria and free goodies at the end. Maria did a very good job of being gentle and also giving me a topical anesthetic to reduce pain. Another thing I really liked was when you are laid-back for your procedure there is a TV on the ceiling and headphones and it really distracts you from what's going on. It really helped me reduce my anxiety. Overall I give my visit a 10 and highly recommend Above and Beyond Dentistry. Compared to my last dentist it was like going from beer to champagne! I almost forgot, the reason I went to them was because we moved and my old dentist was 40 minutes away. I didn't want to commute anymore and these folks were barely a mile from my house. Also my old dentist was mediocre and I wasn't very impressed. With my new dentist I am very pleased and impressed and definitely will keep going there.
Adriane T. Avatar
Adriane T.
5 star rating
11/27/2020 - Yelp
As someone with severe anxiety, especially about the dentist, it is no easy task to get myself to go in. I've always been vocal about my anxiety, and the team at Above and Beyond have always been compassionate and understanding. I have extensive work that needs done and my treatment plan was made to be as efficient as possible and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. I absolutely adore Lisa, Mikayla, and Jessi, they have helped me through so much and put my mind at ease. They always make sure I'm doing okay and I've always felt like I was able to reach out if I ever had any questions. If you are nervous about the dentist I highly recommend visiting Above And Beyond, they do an amazing job of making you feel comfortable.
Jesse S. Avatar
Jesse S.
5 star rating
8/24/2020 - Yelp
So I had to go back and take time to edit this review. This team has been absolutely exceptional since day one of my dentist visit. I have for such a long time feared the dentist and would rather be in suffering pain then go in to visit. While away at vacation I chipped a pretty bad tooth and knew I couldn't wait any longer and needed to be seen. I was reluctant to go anywhere because I was so fearful of the dentist. I even spent a few days researching multiple places cause I wanted to go to a place with great reviews. I stumbled across above and beyond dentisty and am so happy I did. Not only did he address my initial concern but took the time to listen to ALL my dental concerns. He even went ABOVE AND BEYOND to refer me to an orthodontist to get me started on a path to a smile I have always dreamed of. He took out my bothersome tooth with an oral sedation and I must say it was great!! I also got a temporary crown that I needed in order to start my orthodontic treatment, after 6 days from my procedure my temporary crown came off while eating dinner. It was LITERALLY the day before my orthodontist appointment I called the emergency office number and left a voice mail not expecting a call till the next business day. I was certain that I'd have to reschedule my orthodontist appointment to say the least I was a little upset with myself... Moments after my voice mail Dr.Low took time out of his own evening to call me back. After a few minutes he stated he could get me in last minute. I am seriously so grateful to this team, he has regained my confidence with the dentist and I will forever recommend him to anyone I know!!! THANK YOU TO DR.LOW AND TEAM YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!
Jason E. Avatar
Jason E.
5 star rating
4/22/2020 - Yelp
Dr. Low is the best dentist around. He really cares about his patients and shows that by taking extra time and really getting to know them. He incorporates the latest technology, making the process as gentle and comfortable as possible. I also love that they offer great cost-saving options for those that don't have dental insurance.
Anita W. Avatar
Anita W.
5 star rating
8/21/2019 - Yelp
I have been going to Dr. Low for years and had to move to Florida for about a year. While I was there with a new dentist, he looked at my crown work and said "this is great crown work - who did this?" I've always thought Dr. Low was a good dentist - but it was nice to have this confirmed by another dentist who admired his work and said that Dr. Low had done a great job. No doubt dentists run into lots of "bad" work out there - so it was nice to have another dentist confirm what I already knew - Dr. Low and his team are the best.
Doug D. Avatar
Doug D.
5 star rating
8/02/2019 - Yelp
I started going to Dr. Low a few years ago and that was honestly one of the best decisions my family made. He was actually a referral to me from my orthodontist, Pritchard Ortho in Battle Ground. The two previous dentists I had were average and I did NOT look forward to going there at all. Now, I can honestly say I enjoy going to the dentist because of Dr. Low and his staff. Shout out to Maria, Jenn, and Lisa. They are all so nice and actually care about me and my family.

It's funny because I enjoy talking to them so much that it's sometimes hard to not talk, but I have to because they are working on my teeth lol. Recently I had some serious tooth pain so I called Dr. Low to see when I could come in. They got me in the next day to take an X-Ray to see what was going on. Turns out I needed a root canal. Major bum dig. I was also headed to Vegas for a few days so he prescribed me some antibiotics. Well, it ended up not getting better and I was in even more pain. I called again and he had me come in that day. He didn't have time to do the root canal on that Friday so he gave me some pain medicine for the weekend. I woke up on Saturday and was in more pain. I called him on his personal number and he actually met me at the office... on a weekend... when they are closed. Short story: He's dope.

I would recommend anyone to go to Above and Beyond. They have treated us so well. I couldn't ask for a better experience at the dentist. I wish we didn't have to spend so much time and money there, but we do. But I'm glad it is with him and his awesome team.
Shelly C. Avatar
Shelly C.
5 star rating
6/06/2019 - Yelp
I have never enjoyed going to the dentist, until I met Dr Kevin Low.
It took me over a year to get the courage to go to a dentist about a rather complicated situation with regard to my dental issues.
I was very concerned about being " judged, and being treated with disrespect, as this had been the case with the previous dentist I saw.
That is one horrible feeling, and I just couldn't bear to go through that again. I finally just called Dr Low's office and made an appointment for a consult for dental implant.
His staff was incredibly helpful, professional and compassionate. I already felt better about that dreaded first appointment.
The moment I arrived to Above & Beyond Dentistry I felt very welcomed and much more at ease. When I met Dr Low he was nothing but incredibly professional, compassionate and explained each step of the process he proposed. Dr Low is incredibly kind and has taken a lot of time in helping me get my smile back to beautiful, and giving me the self confidence that had been lacking for several years due to my dental issues.
Dr Low truly has gone " above & beyond" in getting everything just perfect, even consulting with an orthodontist to get everything all aligned to assure the implants could be placed without any issues.
I never thought I'd enjoy going to the dentist.. and now I truly look forward to my appointments!
Dr Low and his staff are incredible!!
I recommend Above & Beyond Dentistry to everyone!!
I don't even live in Battleground, I'm about 30 minutes away and think nothing of it because he's worth the drive!!
Victor C. Avatar
Victor C.
5 star rating
4/16/2018 - Yelp
Dr. Low and his staff are incredibly dedicated, passionate, and up to date with digital dental technology. You can tell from every single interaction that they take pride in providing the utmost comfort and care to their patients.

I had the pleasure of installing one of the very first (in the entire US!) completely wireless intra-oral digital impression systems at Above and Beyond Dentistry recently. Dr. Low's staff are able to use this incredible technology to take thousands of pictures of your teeth to create a 3D digital impression (NO MORE GOOPY/GAGGY IMPRESSIONS!). This new scanner captures the 3D structure of your teeth (and the true color) with the accuracy of 1/20th of a human hair in a process that takes only minutes.

If you are looking for the most professional, yet personal, dentist and staff in the greater Vancouver, WA area - look no further.

Jenn M. Avatar
Jenn M.
5 star rating
10/31/2017 - Yelp
Great team, fun environment, excellent dentistry! You won't be disappointed
Jennifer C. Avatar
Jennifer C.
5 star rating
8/09/2017 - Yelp
Dr. Low and his staff are knowledge, caring, and a lot of fun. I have seen Dr. Low for several years now and even though I only see him twice a year, it feels like I saw him yesterday every time. Maria is amazing!!! She is gentle, kind and very funny! Everyone is so friendly and it feels more like family than an office. I highly recommend Above & Beyond!
Mike J. Avatar
Mike J.
5 star rating
6/15/2017 - Yelp
Had my first visit and they lived up to their reviews! Great staff, great Doctor. Got a lot to do but they didn't make me feel overwhelmed. I'm just relaxing and going for the ride.
Amanda W. Avatar
Amanda W.
5 star rating
5/03/2017 - Yelp
I am so thankful to have found Above and Beyond Dentistry! I'm new to the area and finding the right dentist for our family was a big concern for me. I knew I had some work that needed to be done but was afraid. I've had some really bad experiences with dentists in the past. A loose crown forced me to finally go in. I ended up needing 2 molars removed which really made me nervous. They gave me oral sedation which worked like a charm! I was so relaxed and completely at ease. Dr. Low is very gentle, kind and explains everything! His staff are the sweetest gals around! We have found our family dentist! Thanks again Above and Beyond Dentistry!!!
Christyne A. Avatar
Christyne A.
5 star rating
12/04/2016 - Yelp
Absolutely the best dental office out there. I've been so afraid of the dentist for as long as I can remember. And as a result I've just let things go for too long. I've been missing a back tooth for awhile now but you couldn't see it missing so it was never a priority. But when one of my front teeth broke - I absolutely had to get serious about having things fixed.
My mom has been recommending Dr Low for awhile because she went there but I just wasn't ready until this front tooth fiasco happened. They were pretty busy that day but everyone was so nice and they got me patched together so I could at least go out in public.
Granted it's been a process over the past few months with some long appointments but we're on track now and I'm so excited to have a smile that I don't have to hide. Honestly I wouldn't have imagined that going to the dentist would be kinda fun but all the girls are so friendly that we talk about anything and everything. They really do go above and beyond to make sure I'm comfortable and DrLow has called me in the evening to make sure I'm doing ok after a long appointment.
I really don't think I could have found a better place. Thank you to my family at above and beyond!!!
Joshua-Cassie Whitt Avatar
Joshua-Cassie Whitt
6/18/2020 - Facebook
Such a wonderful office. The staff is wonderful and Dr. Fisk is amazing. I thought my only option was going to be an extraction and he found a way to try and save my tooth and save me money. Such an incredible office! I actually enjoyed going to the dentist today! Thanks Above and Beyond Dentistry.
Martha Jordan Avatar
Martha Jordan
2/13/2020 - Facebook
Debbie Ottoson is my hygienist and there is no kinder person on this planet.Going to the dentist was never my favorite thing but I look forward to every visit with Debbie.
Madelyn Souther Avatar
Madelyn Souther
12/24/2019 - Facebook
The best dentistry ever! Iskol and Fisk are not only incredible dentists but people as well. Carla is the best hygienist! Everyone is so friendly, and I am always well taken care of. Highly recommend!
Summer Anne Peabody Avatar
Summer Anne Peabody
12/24/2019 - Facebook
I have been seeing Dr. Iskol/Dr. Fisk for my whole lift (or at least since I have had all my adult teeth). They have such a wonderful office staff and always see me right on time. The staff makes my cleanings quick and pain free and Dr. Iskol and Fisk are both so kind and attentive.
Kim Feather Avatar
Kim Feather
12/23/2019 - Facebook
Best Dentist on this planet xxxxxxx and great staff xxxxx
Trippe Davis Avatar
Trippe Davis
12/21/2019 - Facebook
Drs Fisk and Iskol are easily the best dentists I have ever been to see. The entire office is run with professionalism, courtesy and kindness to every patient.
Demeita Gamble Avatar
Demeita Gamble
12/21/2019 - Facebook
I have been to many dentists in my life. I can honestly say that this dental office has been the BEST thus far. The staff is extremely professional , friendly, and informative. The office is absolutely beautiful and extremely clean in addition to that tree he office smells amazing. I’m always referring any and everyone that I come across in my professional to Dr. Iskol. Dr.Fisk & Dr. Alex. It’s also extremely easy because each Doctors are handsome. If you want GREAT dental services come to this location. They also have other satellite offices. The new name of the practice is “Above and Beyond “ that name speaks for itself.
Wesley Stubbs Avatar
Wesley Stubbs
12/19/2019 - Facebook
I have been going to Dr. Iskol for 10 plus years. It is like going to visit family. They always know my name and i always receive great treatment. My hygienist Tammy make me feel at home and we always have a good laugh. I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for a Dentist.
Heather Renee Avatar
Heather Renee
12/19/2019 - Facebook
Best STAFF hands down. From the front desk to the back, you are always taken care of and treated like family!
Michele Holliday Avatar
Michele Holliday
12/19/2019 - Facebook
Very nice dental office. Staff is exceptionally friendly and professional. Highly recommend.
Pam Taylor Campbell Avatar
Pam Taylor Campbell
12/19/2019 - Facebook
great team and beautiful office. highly recommend
Rhonda Wilson Zimmerman Avatar
Rhonda Wilson Zimmerman
12/16/2019 - Facebook
I see Dr. Alex and he is so good; calming & thorough in his work & explanations. The staff is very helpful & friendly as well. I would highly recommend this practice.
Shlaina Holmes Van Dyke Avatar
Shlaina Holmes Van Dyke
12/12/2019 - Facebook
Drs. Iskol and Fisk (anxiously awaiting a chance to meet Dr. Alex) are THE BEST! The entire office staff is excellent. They focus on outstanding patient treatment combined with a true interest in your overall well being. Every member of my family, including the angsty teen, loves going to see the dentist. I can't say enough about this team. If you are looking for great dental care served up in a comforting and professional environment, look no more. Book your appointment today, before those dental benefits go to waste for the year.
Copper Doug Avatar
Copper Doug
12/11/2019 - Facebook
As we have started bringing our kids, marked 3 Generations that have been patients with Dr. Iskol & Fisk. If that doesn’t tell you how great this practice is I don’t know what does!

Thank you to each of you on Staff!!!
Martha Lockridge White Avatar
Martha Lockridge White
12/07/2019 - Facebook
Dr. Iskol and his staff are the best! Always friendly & helpful. Been coming to Dr. Iskol for about 18 years. The best thing about him, is he does not inflict pain when giving shots! Great group of people. Would highly recommend them.
Blanche Singleton Avatar
Blanche Singleton
12/06/2019 - Facebook
Dr. Iskol is the best! I've been going to Dr. Iskol for about 11 years. He always greets you with a smile and a great attitude! He does great dental work! His staff is also excellent!
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