The Impact of Smiling on Your Wellness

People have long underestimated the power of a smile. From improving your mood to making you more attractive, smiling has many benefits. Some of them are even backed by scientific evidence.

Read on to find out how smiling can affect your overall wellness and, if you need any help enhancing your smile, get in touch with our team of experienced dentists at Above and Beyond Dentistry in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

  • Smiling Is Socially Inviting 

Research shows that when a person smiles, they seem more approachable. Smiling helps a person build better relationships with their peers and spread positivity. 

Our brain is programmed to automatically mirror the behavior of other people to foster social interactions. So, when we see someone smile, our brain perceives this as a positive attitude and we are instantly drawn towards that person. 

  • Smiling Helps Release Happiness Hormones

Scientists have discovered that when we smile, there is a rush of happy hormones in our bodies. The three feel-good hormones that are released when smiling are serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. These hormones make us feel more positive and happier.

  • When You Smile, You Are Perceived as More Attractive

Studies show that a smiling person is often seen by others as more genuine and attractive than a person who doesn’t smile very often.

  • Smiling Reduces Stress 

When we smile and laugh, our heart rates and blood pressure levels return to normal. This makes us feel more relaxed and peaceful.

  • Smiling Improves Romantic Relationships

Couples who smile together stay together, according to a 2015 research study. In this study, 71 romantic couples were asked several questions about their relationship. The results showed that the total time they spent smiling and laughing with each other actually helped increase their intimacy and strengthen their bonds.

  • Smiling Makes You More Productive

Workplace happiness is closely linked to better work performance, productivity, better employee reviews, better work satisfaction, and overall general happiness. 

  • Smiling Can Increase Your Lifespan

A study examined the smiles of baseball major league players from photos. The results showed that the lifespan of those players could actually be predicted by their smiles. Another study found that women with a sense of humor live longer.

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