What Are Dental Veneers and How Do They Transform Your smile?

What Are Dental Veneers and How Do They Transform Your smile?

Dental Veneers are personalized wafer-thin shells attached to the front teeth to hide the deformities. It conceals the damaged and discolored teeth and closes the gaps between the teeth. Veneers provide protection to the tooth from further damages. It is biocompatible and does not cause any allergic reactions in the patients.  

At Above And Beyond Dentistry, the dentists provide personalized dental veneers to patients with the help of expert dentists. Let us see how dental veneers transform your smile:

Hides stains and discoloration 

Most people tend to have discoloration on their teeth caused by various reasons like smoking and consuming food with artificial colors. Dental veneers hide the yellowish discoloration on the teeth. It is highly stained resistant and does not discolor soon.

Improves self-esteem

The treatment enhances the smile of the patient. It improves the self-esteem of the patient regarding their appearance. It also enhances their confidence to smile openly and not be conscious regarding how it appears to others.

It is a durable transformation

Veneers are a long-lasting restoration that stays for 10 to 15 years. Imparting good care like brushing and flossing the veneers can provide durability to it. The dentists also suggest the use of mouthwash which helps to wash out the bacteria in the mouth.

Mimics natural teeth

Modern technologies enable matching the Veneers to the natural tooth color of the patient. The patients are provided a shade card before the fabrication of the veneer. An appropriate shade that matches the natural tooth can be chosen for the procedure.

Conceal the damages

The treatment hides the cracked, chipped and broken teeth of the patient. Veneers can conceal multiple deformities that are on the front teeth. It also helps to hide the misalignment and the gaps in between the teeth. 


Dental Veneer is an appropriate cosmetic treatment that provides effective results to patients. It is a cost-effective solution that helps to maintain a smile for a more extended period. Above And Beyond Dentistry, located in Lawrenceville, GA, is an equipped dentistry that provides dental care facilities to patients with the help of modern technologies. We provide exceptional care for our patients and make sure they return home with an aesthetic smile.

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